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About Us

What We Love Doing

We want to help people and companies reach their global potential.

How We Do It

We help companies in the health and wellness category develop their brand strategy, operational efficiency, product development and execute it at a global level.

What Makes Us Special

– Our unmatched international and tactical expertise
– Our unique global network, contacts, partners and friends
– Our authentic passion and knowledge of global wellness and fitness

Why the name Drake

Sir Frances Drake, the most famous seaman in the Elizabethan era, was the first person to see both the north and south poles, and the first Englishman to circumvent the Earth.  A hero to many and a pirate for some, he is also attributed as the creator of the Mojito (a.k.a. The Drake) as local remedy to keep his crew’s health, which gave them the edge needed to open new commerce routes for the Queen.

We saw great brands struggling with growth, wasting time and effort with their global expansion and ready to throw the towel. We also have a passion for fitness, global cultures and winning. Together, we found our niche.